Monday, December 27, 2010

Why I am here

Raise your hand if you have ever been working alone or driving alone, or just had some time to yourself when a thought that seemed coherent and perhaps even philosophical jumped into your brain as if it was purposely put there for you to think about. The more the thought stuck in your head, the more you explored it using any knowledge you had to formulate your conclusion. As you summarized your thought,  you are excited to share it with someone only to have them point out the holes in your logic and then go on to show you a completely different perspective on the same topic that never crossed your mind in the first place. You turn around to head back to what you were doing and you remind yourself, "this is why Harvard never called!"

I have come to embrace sharing thoughts with others and risk being off base or even wrong. When I say wrong, I am not talking about moral convictions as much as misunderstanding cause and effect of stated facts and opinions. In conversations with others who share different experiences in different fields, I have discovered for myself that most answers have more than one right answer.

From time to time when a thought catches my attention, I will post it here with the hopes of creating a "forum" where responders can provide their thoughts or experiences that will give a different answer to the same question. Readers are always encouraged to start a new thread as well if they like.

Just a few rules of posting:
-No threatening or foul language i.e. BE NICE. Form your critical thoughts carefully.
-Remember that this blog is for encouraging thoughts and perspectives, not necessarily looking for right and wrong answers.
-Humor is encouraged whenever and wherever it can be applied.

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